27 Dec 2012


O Nigeria, Nigeria my Nigeria.
A land of the good, the bad and the ugly.
A land of innovation and creativity. And also a land of no maintenance and sustenance. We build new things always (though sometimes those things are irrelevant and unnecessary), but we do not maintain the old ones.
This is a culture that has started to backfire on us. A lot of the things we have acquired are beginning to crumble, and actually being the doom of us.
Buildings caving and collapsing, helicopters and airplanes crashing, roads falling apart and bridges falling, rail transportation going out of the system (we hear that some are being resuscitated, let’s see how long these would work)… It’s a whole entity without maintenance.
We need to start taking care of things so that these things we have built and acquired do not become the things that destroy us.

1 comment:

  1. The problem is with us,every community gets the type of leader the deserve,the seeds we sow today we reap tomorrow,our penioniers today were once in active service and wot the sow is what the re reaping today.if our road are okay why would our leaders fly?why would the crash,just yersterday a Governor had a fatal crash,we should change the way we think and do thing that are right for we will all give account of our deeds one day.