28 May 2017

21 Jan 2015

WHAT IF? (6)

 What if Jimi Agbaje and Musiliu                 Obanikoro did not decamp from ACN?

10 Feb 2013


In a country where we have a lot of corruption and decay, it is so hard to find a true role model. Maybe I am in the spirit of CAF but I think a person like Victor Moses can be heralded as a role model. We all know his story [for those who don't know, you can read it here Victor Moses's story]. This young rose through so many obstacles and challenges and still wanted to play for his country. His country wasn't there for him when his parents got killed but he chose to be there for his country; such a selfless act. If you found yourself in his shoes would you still play for Nigeria? I wouldn't. Win or lose tonight, Victor Moses has my utmost respect and in my eyes is a good role model for our younger generation.

6 Feb 2013


You made it to the Finals. Nigerians are counting on you to bring the cup home. Do not relent; Up Super Eagles!

5 Feb 2013


In an earlier post, Kontriman had raised some issues on the dispute between godfather and son, where we asked who was going to blink first. It has been reported in various Nigerian dailies that Obasanjo worshiped in the Aso rock chapel with President Goodluck Jonathan and others in attendance. Obasanjo prayed for Jonathan among other things. Also Otedola was also in attendance, imagine that. The message that is been sent out is that they have reconciled  But this does put the issue to rest; for instance who reached out to who and is the war really over? Only time would tell.


Nigerians had written them off, we felt they were not going to achieve much during the tournament. True to our expectations they did not give us anything to look forward to during their first two games, as they were forced to a draw during both matches. In the last match of the group stage they won by tow goals to nil courtesy of two penalties. Well even with the win against Ethiopia, we were not really impressed, because ordinarily, the countries in our group were not expected to give us any tough challenge, not even Zambia the defending champions, and so when we struggled to qualify we still were not moved. However, all that changed with the superb performance of the Eagles on Sunday against ivory coast the current number one team in Africa  In fact when it was clear that Nigeria was going to play against Ivory coast we all concluded that this was the end of the road for the Super Eagles. In fact Emmanuel Eboue said they were going to eat the super eagles, like super fried chicken. However, our boys shocked us all, we are sure they even shocked themselves when the played the Elephants of Ivory coast. The reality on ground is that while we celebrate and rejoice with the boys, we should remember that we still have a long way to go in restoring Nigerian Football to what it used to be and even better. Things must change in the Nigerian football governing house and progressive and qualified Nigerians must take over the affairs of Nigerian football. We must move beyond the stage of lamenting and start proffering real solution,we must also get involved in football administration.
As for the super eagles we wish them well and caution them not to take the Malian team for granted, they are an experienced side (3rd in Africa) and have a lot to play for (their country in currently in war) as they see themselves as an inspiration to their people.

4 Feb 2013


Everyone seems to be quiet on the issue of Governor Lamido's son, Kontriman hopes that this is not an attempt to sweep things under the carpet. The last time the trial was stalled due to the absence of the Presiding Judge, Justice Shehu Yahaya. The Deputy Registrar promised to communicate a new date for the arraignment to the parties. It is instances like this that prove that the Government is not committed to the fight against corruption.Kontriman calls on Kontripipu and the Nigerian press to keep issues like this on the front burner, so that they would know that we are watching. If Nigerians had not condemned the Judgement of Justice Talba on the pension Thief, He would be still walking the streets a free man.

2 Feb 2013


There is a saying that with much power comes great responsibility. There is no doubt that the internet is a very powerful medium for people to get their view across. But it is quite disheartening and annoying what one sees when going through comments on Nigerian platforms, especially when it comes to sensitive national issues or even ordinary issues. What is more amazing is the fact that most of the views of these people are not factual, but they just blot out without properly verifying their facts and in the process fanning the embers of hatred and mutual suspicion among various groups of people.
One of the very first posts of Kontriman was on the issue of bigotry. The words people use to describe people or people from another tribe or religion is really worrisome. If you do not understand something get your facts rights and even when the facts have been established, please Kontripipu covey your positions, views and opinions in a civilized manner. And please, that a person from a particular tribe commits a particular crime does not mean all the people from his tribe, who do not know him are also criminals. For your information all human beings have the capacity for good and evil and so we should endeavour to restrain ourselves.

1 Feb 2013


It is no longer news that President Goodluck Jonathan visited the Police College some weeks ago, and saw the level of the decay in the institution. President Jonathan's Visit was prompted by a report on the Premier College by Channels television. We commend Channels Television for the foresight in bringing the state of affairs in the college to the public arena. We also Thank God that the President or His men saw the report and took action by paying a surprise visit. It is imperative at this juncture for us to ask ourselves some fundamental questions. but before we ask these questions it is imperative to state that with the poor state of the police premier college where recruits receive training it is not surprising that the quality of our policemen is below standard. And any country that is serious with its internal security, would invest in its security infrastructure, training, equipments and welfare among other things. Now the questions; Where did the huge security votes go to? Why did it take the report of channels to bring to the fore the rot in the college? Why haven't heads rolled by now in the police hierarchy? Who is or are specifically responsible for the rot in the institution? Is government really serious about security? Kontriman hopes something far reaching would be come out of this whole episode.
With the police pension scam, the police equipment trust scam some years ago and the revelation of the rot in the police college, it is not surprising that the Nigerian police force is operating below standard.


The heart of man is desperately wicked, if not how else can one explain the discovery of about 40 corpses in Anambra state in  decomposing states. What is more frightening is that no one has a clue as to where the corpses originated from. What is really happening in this country of ours,or are we gradually slipping back into pre- colonial times? Is human life no longer sacred? Well the current incident goes a long way to prove that our security agencies have a long way to go, if not how else can one explain their inability to get to the root of the matter. The first challenge is to determine where the bodies were dumped and how they flowed to where they were discovered. At least that is a first step. Don't we have the capacity for DNA analysis  and soil testing to determine were they were thrown? Who are we kidding this is Nigeria. . Kontriman hopes that this matter would not remain unsolved and that major investigations would commence to unravel and punish those behind the wicked and dastardly act.