5 Feb 2013


Nigerians had written them off, we felt they were not going to achieve much during the tournament. True to our expectations they did not give us anything to look forward to during their first two games, as they were forced to a draw during both matches. In the last match of the group stage they won by tow goals to nil courtesy of two penalties. Well even with the win against Ethiopia, we were not really impressed, because ordinarily, the countries in our group were not expected to give us any tough challenge, not even Zambia the defending champions, and so when we struggled to qualify we still were not moved. However, all that changed with the superb performance of the Eagles on Sunday against ivory coast the current number one team in Africa  In fact when it was clear that Nigeria was going to play against Ivory coast we all concluded that this was the end of the road for the Super Eagles. In fact Emmanuel Eboue said they were going to eat the super eagles, like super fried chicken. However, our boys shocked us all, we are sure they even shocked themselves when the played the Elephants of Ivory coast. The reality on ground is that while we celebrate and rejoice with the boys, we should remember that we still have a long way to go in restoring Nigerian Football to what it used to be and even better. Things must change in the Nigerian football governing house and progressive and qualified Nigerians must take over the affairs of Nigerian football. We must move beyond the stage of lamenting and start proffering real solution,we must also get involved in football administration.
As for the super eagles we wish them well and caution them not to take the Malian team for granted, they are an experienced side (3rd in Africa) and have a lot to play for (their country in currently in war) as they see themselves as an inspiration to their people.

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