1 Feb 2013


The heart of man is desperately wicked, if not how else can one explain the discovery of about 40 corpses in Anambra state in  decomposing states. What is more frightening is that no one has a clue as to where the corpses originated from. What is really happening in this country of ours,or are we gradually slipping back into pre- colonial times? Is human life no longer sacred? Well the current incident goes a long way to prove that our security agencies have a long way to go, if not how else can one explain their inability to get to the root of the matter. The first challenge is to determine where the bodies were dumped and how they flowed to where they were discovered. At least that is a first step. Don't we have the capacity for DNA analysis  and soil testing to determine were they were thrown? Who are we kidding this is Nigeria. . Kontriman hopes that this matter would not remain unsolved and that major investigations would commence to unravel and punish those behind the wicked and dastardly act.

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