1 Feb 2013


Thank God, the Super Eagles, Nigeria's national senior football team qualified for the Quarter finals. However, as it has become characteristic of the Eagles we had to wait for the final game before we could qualify. They advance to the quarter final stage of the competition, courtesy two goals scored from the penalty spot by Victor Moses of Chelsea United. From the quality of play of the current crop of Super Eagles players, it is evident that there is still a long way to go for us to get back the former glory of the Super Eagle in 1994. Like every other sphere of life in Nigeria, our football can only move forward, when we have the right people in the right places and we begin to cherish and uphold the right values, like integrity, hard work  commitment among others. From the way our boys play, it is as if there is nothing at stake. And really what is at stake? Is it winning the cup for a nation where corruption reigns supreme and the masses do not matter, as the ruling class care only about themselves? But maybe they can win for themselves, their pride, their dignity and their own personal bragging rights and their marketability, well time would tell as they play their next match on Sunday.  Kontriman wishes them well and hopes that they would win the cup.

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