1 Feb 2013


In the midst of so much corruption, poverty, hopelessness, misery, suffering among other vices, we as Nigerians still focus on things that have no bearing in our lives. Why is that Nigerians carry on as if all is well with our country? Or maybe they don't just care. As a people we get easily influenced by other cultures, it is visible by the way we dress, our entertainment, lifestyle etc. At the moment, the rave is reality television. We have gradually caught the reality television bug; forgetting that such things cannot work in our society. Agreed we have to work a little and play a little, but if we are going to play, we must at least work first. And when we play, we should try to play and relax the Nigerian/African way. We must start taking a more active interest in issues that bother on our growth, development and progress as a nation. For instance, get involved in you neighborhood and resident association and get involved in your local government affairs. Democracy is not an end, but a means to an end. Cultural influence is not a bad thing, but it shouldn't steal your No 1. identity which is Nigerian/African.

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