1 Feb 2013


It is no longer news that President Goodluck Jonathan visited the Police College some weeks ago, and saw the level of the decay in the institution. President Jonathan's Visit was prompted by a report on the Premier College by Channels television. We commend Channels Television for the foresight in bringing the state of affairs in the college to the public arena. We also Thank God that the President or His men saw the report and took action by paying a surprise visit. It is imperative at this juncture for us to ask ourselves some fundamental questions. but before we ask these questions it is imperative to state that with the poor state of the police premier college where recruits receive training it is not surprising that the quality of our policemen is below standard. And any country that is serious with its internal security, would invest in its security infrastructure, training, equipments and welfare among other things. Now the questions; Where did the huge security votes go to? Why did it take the report of channels to bring to the fore the rot in the college? Why haven't heads rolled by now in the police hierarchy? Who is or are specifically responsible for the rot in the institution? Is government really serious about security? Kontriman hopes something far reaching would be come out of this whole episode.
With the police pension scam, the police equipment trust scam some years ago and the revelation of the rot in the police college, it is not surprising that the Nigerian police force is operating below standard.

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