2 Feb 2013


There is a saying that with much power comes great responsibility. There is no doubt that the internet is a very powerful medium for people to get their view across. But it is quite disheartening and annoying what one sees when going through comments on Nigerian platforms, especially when it comes to sensitive national issues or even ordinary issues. What is more amazing is the fact that most of the views of these people are not factual, but they just blot out without properly verifying their facts and in the process fanning the embers of hatred and mutual suspicion among various groups of people.
One of the very first posts of Kontriman was on the issue of bigotry. The words people use to describe people or people from another tribe or religion is really worrisome. If you do not understand something get your facts rights and even when the facts have been established, please Kontripipu covey your positions, views and opinions in a civilized manner. And please, that a person from a particular tribe commits a particular crime does not mean all the people from his tribe, who do not know him are also criminals. For your information all human beings have the capacity for good and evil and so we should endeavour to restrain ourselves.

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