15 Dec 2012


As 2013 draws nearer, we wonder what the Commander-in-Chief (C-in-C) is planning for the citizens of this great nation. Maybe President Jonathan is telling Patience, "I will remove subsidy and I will not back down, if them like make them go jump inside lagoon". Then Patience says, "That is what you said the last time". Then Jonathan replies, "Don't worry, Okonjo said no shaking this time. We will see it through".

KontriMan just prays and hopes that the C-in-C sees vision from God about the suffering masses, and decide not to carry out that plan; as it seems that the President and his team have forgotten (or maybe they do not even know) that the people that they rule are finding it hard to survive. The same team, who reminded us that they 'had no shoes' during their campaigns when they promised to serve the people, now want to take away the shoes from the feet of those whom they promised to serve.
May God help our KontriPeople ooh!

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