25 Dec 2012


Following from the recent news of the hospitalization of South Africa’s Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela for a lung infection, KontriMan joins our South African brothers and good people all over the world to wish Madiba a speedy and full recovery. We are thankful that he is recovering from his illness. We pray that God keeps him alive, so that he can return back home to his family.
The world still needs his inspirations.
KontriMan only wishes that a time would come in Nigeria when we would have leaders that we can truly pray for and wish well, because they have identified themselves with the people and their aspirations.
KontriMan implores KontriPipu (our readers, members and visitors) to join in the prayers for the recovery of Dr Nelson Mandela. We would appreciate your prayers for Madiba as comments to this post.
Thank you.

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