18 Dec 2012


A second crash in two days was averted on Sunday, December 16, 2012, when an Overland Airways flight from Ilorin to Lagos developed technical difficulties, as the plane was taking off, making it impossible for the pilot to retract the wheels of the craft for the rest of the journey.
A passenger on the flight, said that passengers aboard Flight OJ 1188 thought they were crashing as the aircraft took a long time to stabilize after takeoff.
The flight was characterised by an unusually turbulent take off, and even when trying to land, the aircraft wobbled its way into Murtala Muhammad Airport with its landing gear hanging dangerously out of its belly throughout the flight.
Overland Airways began the Sunday flight service from Ilorin to Lagos not so long ago, saying it wanted to offer comfort and satisfaction to passengers who would want to travel at the weekend and boost inter-connectivity within the region.
Overland Airways, which has been in business since 2003, is linked to the Bauchi State Governor, Isa Yuguda.  It is yet to make any comment on the Sunday flight experience, and it has not been confirmed if the aircraft is back in the air.
The incidence occurred barely two days after the crash of the Naval Helicopter in Bayelsa State that killed all six persons on board including the Kaduna State Governor and the former National Security Adviser.
So much happening in so short a time.
Do we, as a people, learn from our mistakes? Or do we just leave everything to chance?

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