25 Dec 2012


It is high time Nigerian politicians do less talking and more action. It’s time they begin to take the Nigerian people seriously. It’s time they reflect and ask themselves some thought-provoking questions. Questions like what does posterity have in stock for them? Questions like, would they live forever? Questions like, which is more important: peace of mind, happiness and a good name, or all the money in the world?
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan promised Nigerians that 2013, would be better than 2012. How does he expect Nigerians to take him seriously, with the current state of the Nation, the current state of the economy, the power situation in the country, the current state of security, and the waning battle against corruption, just to mention a few? Does Ebele have the capacity to turn things around? Yes he does! Like every human being, Goodluck has the capacity for good and evil. The choice is his. In 2013, he can make the difference he promises to make. The ball is in his court. And we wish him well.
Abi what else can KontriMan do?

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