28 Dec 2012


Our beloved giant came into official existence on 1st October, 1960 but had been an entity under the super giant as far back as 1914 when various pieces of land were knitted together without recourse to the peculiarities of their inhabitants. Now 52 years after, those unholy unions have strained so much that the giant is a society that exists in Hobbes words as 'short, nasty and brutish'.
However, if one attempts to make enquiries from the older frogs as to how the giant became like this, a common dictionary word they would use as excuse is CORRUPTION. Sorry frogs but a tadpole that was birthed in the 80's differs...
Nigeria's problem is not corruption itself! If it were, it can be solved. After all, some other nations thrive and have succeeded in spite of CORRUPTION. Rather the problem is that our giant has NO HEAD. My frog at home has shown, is showing and by God's grace will continue to show what having a head means till he passes to the great beyond. 
With a head, we can think as it houses our brain. Secondly, it contains our eyes for sight, our ears for sound, our nose for respiration and our mouth for the dual purposes of speech and munching. Thus, imagine yourself without a head and you would literally be dead. 
As the Holy Bible recorded at a time, Israel had no King (HEAD) and therefore every man did as he wished. That is exactly our position in Nigeria. 
What we have in place are mere FIGUREHEADS; people who have no dream. Their highest ambition is visceral, their language is all about consumption, with little or no thought for tomorrow. They lack introspection and when they look ahead, they do not see a vision for the nation. 
They are like animals in the wild rainforests who exist for the temporal present only; their gods are, as the Bible says, their stomach and it must be worshipped. Their greed must be satiated with other's flesh and blood. 
We live in those primordial times, the Hegelian state of nature where everybody does what he or she likes; where there are no guiding moral standards. 
It is therefore safe to posit that Nigeria is going nowhere for now. Like the circus chicken with a severed head, the country is just drifting, providing amusement in the meantime, and becoming a laughing stock in the comity of Nations, yet deluding ourselves that we are a GREAT NATION.

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  1. Greed & nonchallant is our problem. When leaders don't care abt d citizen & when citizen 2 don't care abt their govt, when masters don't care abt their servant & servant don't care abt d business, when ppl don't care 4 each oda. All dat we r afta is ourselves. We r all responsible 4 evrytin dat happns where we r & nigeria as a whole